Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.
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Q: How do I get to the Woodlands?
A: Maps are provided here.

Q: How can I reserve a camp for my group?
A: After you’ve selected the appropriate campground by reviewing the Choosing Your Camp page, and checked for available dates on the Calendar of Camps page, you can then go to Reservations and submit your request. This will be reviewed and we’ll contact you to confirm.

Q: Can I rent a cabin on my own?
A: Mendocino Woodlands Camp is a group camping facility. Groups with a minimum of 30 or so—depending upon the camp—can use the Woodlands.

Q: What if I don’t have enough people in my group to meet the minimum requirement?
A: The minimum number of people required for each camp translates to a minimum fee. You may rent a camp with fewer people, as long as you pay the minimum fee requirement.

Q: Will MWCA staff be able to help my group set up our camp?
A: MWCA staff work to maintain the campgrounds year-round order to provide campers with the best possible experience at the Woodlands. Therefore,  each group is responsible for their own setup, cleaning, etc. Special setups require prior approval from the Park Manager.

Q: Can my friends send letters to me while I’m at camp?
A: Sorry, mail delivery to camps is not available.

Q: How can I find out about the various activities at the Woodlands?
A: Check out our Education Programs page, where you’ll discover lots of great activities. You might also want to look at the Calendar of Camps page, which lists the groups scheduled, and if one interests you, you can contact them directly to see if you can join them.

Q: Can I have my wedding at the Woodlands?
A: Yes—the Woodlands is a very special, beautiful place for a wedding or other special event. When considering a wedding at the Woodlands, though, you must plan for an extra day’s rental to allow enough time for preparation and cleanup. Your planning must also include assigning responsibility to someone in your group for any special table or stage setups, as MWCA staff are  not available for event setups. Special setups must be approved by the MWCA Park Manager. Wedding guests that do not stay overnight are subject to a day use fee.

Q: I am interested in bringing a school group to the Woodlands. What is the procedure?
A: School groups can come to an MWCA-sponsored education program or rent a camp and conduct their own program. See the Mendocino Outdoor Science School page, or contact the Education Program Director.

Q: Do you provide cooks?
A: No, we provide a fully-equipped kitchen. Campers bring their own cooks and food. See the Rental Details page.

Q: Who is responsible for cleanup?
A: The campers are responsible for cleanup. Any MWCA time spent cleaning or repairing will incur an additional charge. See Rental Details.

Q: Can I bring my dog to camp with me?
A: Sorry, no pets are allowed at the Woodlands.

Q: What clothing should I bring?
A: Expect Northern California coastal conditions, which means the weather can range from sunny and hot or foggy and cold on any given day. Layers are suggested.

Q: How old are the redwood trees?
A: The last logging operation in the Woodlands took place at the turn of the 20th century. Some trees were passed over because they were too small. Those trees are now nearly 200 years old.

Q: What is the status of logging around the Woodlands?
A: See our Special Treatment Area page, where we keep updated information.