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We can be reached by phone, fax or e-mail.

For directions,see Map page.

Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association
P.O. Box 267
Mendocino, CA 95460
Telephone: 707-937-5755
Fax: 707-937-5415


Park Operations Director: Cyrus Kroninger

e-mail or call 707-937-5755


Education Director: Jeanne Smith
e-mail or call 707-937-5755


Development Director: Elizabeth Cameron
e-mail or call 909-800-4271


Board of Directors:



To Reach a Camper
It is very difficult to contact a camper, but if it’s urgent, the following are the phone numbers for the only phone at each camp. Let it ring—these are outside phones and it may take awhile for someone to notice it’s ringing and get to it. Then you may be able to leave a message.
Camp One phone: 707-937-4023, payphone 707-937-9962
Camp Two phone: 707-937-2928, payphone 707-937-9958
Camp Three phone: 707-937-3023

There is no U.S. Mail delivery to campers. We can accept a small number of UPS or FedEx packages (2-3) at the most please!  Shipping address is 39350 Little Lake Rd, Mendocino CA  95460.  Again, please do not ship large quantities of items, as we pick up all packages ourselves and have limited vehicle and office space to store packages.

We are very grateful to Mendocino Community Network for hosting these pages.

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