Canoe Trip!

MOSS Canoe Adventure!


Mendocino Middle School added a bit of adventure to their visit to the Mendocino Outdoor Science School by taking a trip up the Big River watershed with their naturalists. The groups spied a family of otters, as well as great blue herons, kingfishers, cormorants, and harbor seals. At the Woodlands, schools are encouraged to work with staff to tailor their experience to their interests.

Student Salmon Survey

Student Salmon Survey


SONAR – The School of Natural Resources at Mendocino High School, works with natural resource agencies, such as Fish and Game, local watershed awareness groups, and Parks and Recreation, where students get real life hands-on experience in science. They are trained to collect and present information in a scientific way, accurately depicting the conditions of local streams and marine habitat.

Sonar has been working on counting salmon population up at Little North Fork of Big River for the last two months and has had success in finding Y.O.Y. (pronounced “yoy” -Young Of the Year) and redds (salmon nests) along the paths of the beautiful redwood forests. During the hatching and reproduction periods, Sonar students have been collecting sample data to examine and compare differences in a majority of species, sizes, and populations.