calendar of camps

Below is the Woodlands’ Calendar of Camps. This is the place to check availability when planning your group’s camp, or to see about joining an existing camp. On this calendar, you will find possible available dates. If you want a date you don’t see specifically listed below, contact us for availability. The open dates are subject to change, so be sure and contact us as soon as you can to secure your desired dates.

People of all ages and groups enjoy camping at the Woodlands. Impromptu concert for the trees. Making notes after a hike. Starting the self-guided Nature Trail.

For future years, note that several camps come back every year at about the same time. Contact us to check on availability.

After you review this chart for available dates and select a campground, please go to Reservations to submit your request.

The camps with links or contact information are open to accepting additional participants. If you’re interested in joining a group, you must contact them directly, as MWCA only operates the facility and has no specific information on any camping group. Joining an existing group is a wonderful way to come to the Woodlands and enjoy all that this magical place has to offer. If any of these camps are of interest to you, be sure to contact them soon, as space is limited.