Your Donations Help! The Woodlands’ primary source of funding comes from user fees paid by camping groups which helps pay for the operation and maintenance of the Woodlands. However, with over 75 years of use—along with cold, wet winters—many of these Historic Landmark buildings need immediate restoration to prevent further deterioration. State Parks’ available funding is not enough to complete all of the needed restoration.

Donations are needed help fund the numerous special projects and improvements, including building repairs and restoration, necessary to ensure the Woodlands preservation and protection for generations to come. The Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donations are tax deductible! Friends of the Woodlands are an invaluable asset.Campers with Mendocino Folklore Camp.Restoring a National Treasure After years of preparation, study and surveys (many thanks to State Parks’ Historic Preservationist Mike Cabaniss for his valuable input), we are proceeding with the restoration of buildings and infrastructure of the Woodlands.

Current and Completed Projects

Camp Wide Projects: Wastewater Upgrade: The California Director of State Parks made the commitment to get our aging sewer systems brought up to today’s standards. Camp One has had all of the engineering completed and construction continued last fall. The design work for Camp Two and Three is completed as well, and construction on those will continue this fall.

Camp One Projects: Helper’s Cabin Shower: The shower in the Helper’s Cabin in Camp One had rotted out. It has been rebuilt.

Camp One Balconies: The Camp One balconies are rotting. They have become unsafe and are currently closed. The balconies were built with vertical grain, kiln-dried fir, an expensive material. We must rebuild them with the original materials. It costs approximately $1,000 to rebuild a balcony. We have rebuilt twenty-three of the forty-six balconies to date. Work continues as we are able to purchase more lumber.

Camp Two Projects: Infirmary Steps and Landing: The steps and landing for the Camp Two infirmary building had rotted out. They have been rebuilt.

Cabin Floors: The Camp Two cabin floors were constructed out of the same wood as the Camp One balconies. They are all in need of rebuilding. This effort will take several years to complete.

Camp Three Projects: Tents and Mosquito Netting: The fabric in the cabin tents and mosquito netting in Camp Three has begun tearing and wearing out. They must all be replaced at a cost of $1,500 per cabin.

Stream Relocation: When the Woodlands was built in the 1930s, the sciences of ecology and the environment were still nascent. The builders relocated part of the Little North Fork of the Big River from its channel through camp and diverted it to flow near Camp Three. This diversion floods Camp Three every winter and is also harmful to the native Coho salmon and Steelhead runs. This coming fall State Parks, Fish and Wildlife, and Trout Unlimited will team together to return the stream to its original course and rebuild the fish habitat.

Dining Hall Furniture: The crew has been repairing tables and benches for all of the camps utilizing the wood remnants from the Camp One balcony repairs.

Your Ideas are Welcome

Let Operations Director Cyrus Kroninger know if you have suggestions for other improvements. Your generosity will help these projects become a reality.

Please Donate

Help us preserve and sustain this special historic campground and its environs. Let us contact you regarding donations of lumber, tools, hardware, materials or services. Please send us your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Thank you! You can donate online using your credit card via a secure link to PayPal.

Please make checks payable to:

Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association

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